Paraffin bath for hands

paraffin bath for hands

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Parabath, you can get warm moist heat right to where it hurts joints, tissues and skin with this Parabath paraffin wax bath. Equipped with a deep oversized, stainless steel tank, you can easily immerse your hands, feet, elbows and more. This bath is thermostatically controlled, keeping melted wax at a constant temperature between 126-134 degrees Fahrenheit, to give you the maximum therapeutic benefits. This paraffin wax bath has an insulated housing that acts to keep wax warm. While it comes with unscented paraffin included, you can always add a drop or two of essential oils to make your wax treatment an aromatherapy experience as well. This paraffin wax machine is also great for treating seriously dry skin.

It comes with an easy to understand instruction manual, as well as wax packs so your first treatment is available right after your machine arrives. Its pain relieving effects are reflected in this machines extremely high consumer ratings. Price: 179.99, buy the Therabath Professional Thermotherapy paraffin Bath here. Pros: deep immersion tank provides greater coverage for aching feet and hands. Soothes and moisturizes dry cracked skin. Always safe temperature mode alleviates worries about burns. Easy carry handles make this device portable. Cons: Bulkier size than some, super expensive compared to many others. Doesnt get wax as warm as some. No heat adjustability, find more Therabath Professional Thermotherapy paraffin Bath information and reviews here. Top Rated: Parabath Paraffin Wax Bath.

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paraffin bath for hands

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Top 10 Best Paraffin Wax kuiltjes Baths for Hands feet will leave your skin soft, and decrease your aches and pains. Best Paraffin Wax Machines for Clinical Use. Therabath Professional Thermotherapy paraffin Bath. Therabath, the Therabath paraffin wax bath is a wonderful answer to tilers soothe away arthritis aches and pains, with a deep wax well that holds up to nine pounds of wax at a time. This paraffin bath keeps wax at an always safe temperature designed to maintain the most effective therapeutic temperature range of 126 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The anodized aluminum tank is built for deep immersion, to better surround sore hands and feet with therapeutic warmth. Paraffin wax treatments are also the perfect way to manage dry, cracked skin because they draw the bodys own moisture to the skins surface, naturally hydrating. Built with convenient side handles, this paraffin wax machine is easy to carry to any location throughout your home to make your thermotherapy treatments convenient and enjoyable. At roughly 14 inches by 8 inches, this terrific unit is easy to store when not in use.

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paraffin bath for hands

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paraffin bath for hands

think, check out this video from two guys who claim to be the most famous PTs on the internet. At least, if you havent used a paraffin wax bath, youll get a sense of how this therapy works. Youll want to be sure to use paraffin wax thats actually intended for this purpose. Different waxes can have different melting points, and those that require more heat are more likely to burn you. You can also add essential oils to make your paraffin wax bath an aromatherapy treatment too. And if you order a unit that doesnt come as a kit, be sure to get the plastic liners, thermal mitts, and booties to maximize your results. Also, these paraffin wax machines make great gifts for seniors, so you might want to consider one for an aging parent or grandparent. And if youre looking for relief for yourself, any one of these.

Because these devices are specifically created for this use, so youll have fewer worries about overheating your wax, and getting burned as a result. And dont confuse them with the kind of wax warmers and treatments for face and body hair removal, because these are a whole different deal. Its not only spas providing paraffin wax therapy these days. Youll discover many physical therapists are also using paraffin wax baths to enhance circulation and speed recovery from injury. And when it comes to arthritis relief, weve long known that warm water and hot showers can help to relieve pain, but they also dry the skin. If youre looking for therapeutic versus cosmetic treatments (not to discount the discomfort of dry cracked skin) wed recommend one of the first five paraffin wax baths on this list. They are more robust, with larger metal tanks that can hold more melted wax. That makes them suitable for knees, elbows, and even mens larger feet. These are geared for professional pain use, but at the price, theyre not out of reach for your home.

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Amazon, my first exposure to a paraffin wax bath was at a spa, where i marveled at how relaxing the wax treatment for hands actually was. Not only did my hands feel smooth, soft and very moisturized, post waxing, they immediately looked ten years younger a total breakthrough for someone who struggles with cracked skin, especially at the knuckles. What I didnt realize, until doing a lot more research, is that a paraffin wax bath can have powerful therapeutic effects for those rehabilitating after serious hand and foot injuries, as well as those suffering from osteoarthritis on a long term basis. In the case of dry, cracked skin, a wax bath helps soothe and soften even the roughest hands and feet, with a combination of moist heat and paraffin, which helps to deliver moisture from your body to the surface of your skin, naturally remoisturizing dry. The biggest benefit of these treatments is that the warm wax can fully coat every square inch of your hand or foot, delivering healing power in a way that a heat pack, combined with lotion, simply cannot. The trick is to dip your dry appendage five or six times, waiting just long enough between dips to let the wax begin to set. Once well-coated with melted paraffin, you quickly slip your hand into a plastic sleeve, and then slide on a thermal mitt or wrap it in a warm towel to deliver the best results. In 15 minutes, youll be amazed at the difference, and with regular treatments, real relief is at hand. While you can use a slow cooker or regular pan doen to melt your wax, wed highly recommend a paraffin wax machine like those on this list, to accomplish that process.

Paraffin bath for hands
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paraffin bath for hands
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  1. Because soy in general is nourishing to the. A paraffin bath machine contains a heat source and tank that holds paraffin wax. The machine melts the wax and maintains it in a liquid state.

  2. When paraffin wax melts, its soft consistency allows it to, in effect, fit your hand like a glove as you dip into. And because paraffin can hang onto. Find product information, ratings and reviews for homedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath online. Click here to read what our clients have to say about Body Options. SoyspaBath is by far a more natural medium to use and works just as well as the former "paraffin" wax, if not better.

  3. Therabath Professional Grade paraffin Bath instantly warms hands, feet, or elbows for maximum heat therapy. Its penetrating heat relieves arthritis pain, soothes. Cheap tools for, buy quality tools for nails directly from China tool tool Suppliers: 1 piece fashion 450g Paraffin Wax Bath nail Art tool For nail Hands Paraffin. Cheap paraffin bath, buy quality paraffin bath for hands directly from China milk honey suppliers: bioaqua milk honey paraffin bath for hands and feet 170g. Buy paraffin Wax Bath Wholesale nail Supplies - top quality made in Germany on wholesale prices and high-level service european nail Shop.

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